Lotus; Ramaswamy, Shankar; Wendel, Lauren: AD302 IBM WebSphere Portal 5: Development Tools and Roadmap, IBM Software Group, Orlando 2004.

THEMES: Lotus\...\3 Presentation... | Ramaswamy, Shankar | Wendel, Lauren
META STRUCTURES: Conference\...\01_Lotusphere_... | HP\...\Lotusphere 2004
YEAR: 2004
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LABEL: Portal | Portlet-API | Portlet Builder | WebSphere Portal
PEOPLE: Ramaswamy, Shankar | Wendel, Lauren
PLACES: Orlando
THINGS: Application Development | Java | Portal | WebSphere
TIME: 2004


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AD302 IBM WebSphere Portal 5: Development Tools and Roadmap13.02.2004 14:29Ingo Erdmann
AD302 IBM WebSphere Portal 5: Development Tools and Roadmap (web link)
Speakers: Shankar Ramaswamy, Lauren Wendel
SW 10 - Tuesday 2:30pm - 3:45pm

WebSphere Portal provides a broad range of development tools and services for portlet and application development and integration with enterprise applications and processes. This session will provide an overview of development tools and technologies for WebSphere Portal, including WebSphere Studio, the Portal Toolkit, and WebSphere Portal Application Integrator (WPAI). We'll also cover Click to Action, Property Broker, new capabilities to develop Cooperative Portlets, and Web services capabilities. Demonstrations, usage examples, and a preview of future enhancements to the development tools will be presented.**