Nastansky, Ludwig: 10 Jahre Freud und Leid mit Lotus Notes - 10 Years of Transformation in Communication, Collaboration and Coordination Technologies, Groupware Competence Center, University of Paderborn, Paderborn - Potsdam 2001.

THEMES: Nastansky, Ludwig\...\2001
YEAR: 2001
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PLACES: Paderborn | Potsdam
TIME: 2001
10 Jahre Freud & Leid
mit Lotus Notes
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2 Market Perception
2. Die Wahrnehmung auf dem Markt

- widersprüchlich, unterbewertet, schlechte Presse, das Eigentliche ist SAP, ...

Database 'GCC KM - Knowledge Pool', View '1. All Authors\1. Intranet', Document 'Domino and WebSphere Integration: Do You "Get It?"'
Dieses Phänomen hat kaum jemand besser zum Punkt gebracht als Henry Bestritsky; zitiert hier aus seinem jüngsten Artikel aus dem Jahre 2000:

<< Domino and WebSphere Integration: Do You "Get It?" - ... Putting technology aside, I am still incredulous that to this day, nobody can explain to me what Domino does. I have often heard it said that the only way to understand Domino is to simply "get it". "Get it"? What exactly does that mean? I have seen the look on peoples' faces when they do "get it", and I half-expect Mulder and Scully to show up and take them away for de-programming. To be fair, one reason Notes has such a loyal developer base is because once you get it you "get in" and don't get out ... >>