Nastansky, Ludwig: 10 Jahre Freud und Leid mit Lotus Notes - 10 Years of Transformation in Communication, Collaboration and Coordination Technologies, Groupware Competence Center, University of Paderborn, Paderborn - Potsdam 2001.

THEMES: Nastansky, Ludwig\...\2001
YEAR: 2001
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PLACES: Paderborn | Potsdam
TIME: 2001
10 Jahre Freud & Leid
mit Lotus Notes
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  • History
  • Market Perception
  • Business Partnership
  • e-Solutions
  • Notes Client
  • Mail?!
  • Workflow
  • Go Virtual
  • The End

      1. Challenges of the e-World for Enterprises and Public Administration
        - one thing is sure: being competitive in information technology is crucial
      2. Groupware Paradigms: Technology vs. People
        - the importance of <working together> for efficient use of information technology
      3. Groupware Architectures, Frameworks and Middleware
        - comprehensive approaches for team-based communication, collaboration, and coordination
      4. Key Concepts in Groupware
        - databases, e-objects, multimedia, and the internet
      5. The Document is Process: About Workflow and Projects
        - transition from paperwork to intelligent e-documents in process-driven environments
      6. User Access Models in the e-World
        - navigation, manipulation of structures, user interfaces, portals
      7. Groupware Industry as Core Factor in the IT-Landscape
        - new models of working together in e-commerce
      8. Why is Applying Groupware Profitable and Productive?
        - how can enterprises generate more profit, or public administration be more productive?
      9. Conclusion
      The presentation will be done with multimedia support out of Prof. Nastansky's Lotus Notes/Domino-groupware based environment, which has grown over the last ten years, is based on multimedia and intelligent electronic documents, and fortunately NOT depending on the linear mode dictated by PowerPoint or other similar presentation tools.