Lotus; Nikopoulos, Steve ; Grosjean, John: AD205 Web Services and Lotus Domino, IBM Software Group, Orlando 2004.

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YEAR: 2004
AD205 Web Services and Lotus Domino (web link)
Speakers: Steve Nikopoulos, John Grosjean
DL S. Hemisphere I-II - Wednesday 2:30pm - 3:45pm

You've been asking for Web services support in Domino. Come learn what functionality we're planning for future versions of the product. We'll build on your Domino fundamentals and we'll show how to build a Web services interface to your application. This session will assume you have some prior knowledge of Web services standards, including SOAP and WSDL. If not, consider attending the two-hour "JMP103 Introduction to Web Services" JumpStart session.***