Lotus; Wilson, Richard; Calow, Jeff: ID508 Lotus Workplace Rich Client strategy and architectures, IBM Software Group, Orlando 2004.

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YEAR: 2004
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LABEL: Workplace | Workplace Client
PEOPLE: Calow, Jeff | Wilson, Richard
PLACES: Orlando
THINGS: RCP | WebSphere
TIME: 2004
ID508 Lotus Workplace Rich Client strategy and architectures (web link)
Speakers: Richard Wilson, Jeff Calow
DL N. Hemisphere A-C - Wednesday 12:15pm - 1:30pm

The Rich Client Platform (RCP) is the cornerstore of Lotus' on demand desktop. This session describes our strategy relative to the variety of rich client experiences provided by Lotus, as well as the platform that can be utilized for custom applications. It will then cover the architecture, services, native user interface, extensibility, application provisioning and the set of available client components and frameworks. This session will also touch on how Lotus and Eclipse are working together to enhance the ability of the Eclipse platform to support general desktop applications now and in the future.**