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Know How Transfer Workshop

Date:02/24/99 to 02/26/99
Location:University of Paderborn
Moderator:Valentin Balzer, Ingo Erdmann
Participants:IT-Committee BEST, Christian Bogdan (Sweden), Dionysios G. Synodinos (Greece), Marta R. Sabau (Romania), Thomas Laroche (Belgium), Evangelos Sakkopoulos (Greece)

Within three days a Lotus Notes practical training has taken place for the IT-Committee of BEST.
The purpose of the workshop was Know-How-Transfer and discussion of Notes related topics.
The IT-Committee came to Paderborn after they contacted Lotus Germany, who recommended them to ask the Groupware Competence Center (GCC) at the University of Paderborn for help.

As the participants came from four different european countries, the training has been held in english language.

During the training, the following topics have been discussed with the trainers of the GCC:

  • Domino System Administration
  • Application Development Basics
  • Web Development using Notes and Domino 4.6
  • Creating Agents using Lotus Script, Accessing Notes Objects (the 4.6 Object Model)
After the Training, the IT-Committee visited the worlds largest computer museum, located in Paderborn.
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