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Integration of document-centric content in an enterprise portal - Design and prototypical implementation of a generic application architecture based on IBM Lotus Notes middleware

THEMES: GCC Teaching\...\3 Completed | GCC Awards | DNUG\Diplomarbeiten... | Heipmann, Jens
META STRUCTURES: GCC Activities\...\Awards | GCC Awards\...\2007 | GCC Awards\...\All | Projects\...\Awards | Projects\...\Student Projec... | Projects\...\Awards
2007LABEL: JSR 168 | Lotus Notes
ORGANIZATIONS: GCC - Groupware Competence Center
PEOPLE: Heipmann, Jens
THINGS: Application Architecture | Data Integration | Enterprise Portal
TIME: 2007
AD201 "Must Have " Additions to Your Current and Future IBM Lotus Notes Client Applications

THEMES: Lotus\...\3 Presentation... | Stoner, Chris | Patil,Raj
META STRUCTURES: Conference\...\01_Lotusphere_... | HP\...\Planned Session
2005HIDEWHEN: GCC-MediumAccess
LABEL: Lotusphere | Lotus Domino 7
PEOPLE: Patil, Raj | Stoner, Christ
THINGS: Application Architecture | Application Development
TIME: 2005
Konzeption einer Basisarchitektur für kollaborative Applikationen auf Basis von Eclipse und dem IBM Workplace Managed Client

THEMES: Wiese, Jörg | GCC Teaching\...\052462 Seminar...
META STRUCTURES: GCC Activities\...\Projects | IE\...\CCW | IE\...\Seminararbeiten | IE\...\Alumni
2005LABEL: Eclipse | J2EE | Workplace Client
ORGANIZATIONS: GCC - Groupware Competence Center
PEOPLE: Erdmann, Ingo | Wiese, Jörg
THINGS: Application Architecture | Plugin Programmierung
TIME: 2005_SS
ID604 Rethinking Collaborative Architectures in a Portal Framework

THEMES: Lotus\...\4 Presentation... | von Bulow, Fritz | Balasubramanian, Raj
META STRUCTURES: Conference\...\01_Lotusphere_... | IE\...\Lotusphere 2004
2004HIDEWHEN: GCC-MediumAccess
LABEL: Collaboration | Lotusphere | WebSphere Portal
PEOPLE: Balasubramanian, Raj | von Bulow, Fritz
THINGS: Application Architecture
TIME: 2004