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Global Shift Paper

THEMES: Gries, Thomas
2009LABEL: Global Shift in Economy
PEOPLE: Gries, Thomas
PLACES: China | European Union | USA
TIME: 2009
This isn't the real America

THEMES: Carter, Jimmy
2005LABEL: value-add
PEOPLE: Carter, Jimmy | *President
THINGS: Ethics | Moral | Politics
TIME: 2005
Diverse CHE Materialien Bachelor & Master

THEMES: Wirtschaftsinformatik Universitaet Paderborn - Business Computing University of Paderborn\...\B.A. - M.Sc. | Moses, Ingrid | Scott, Peter | Schreiterer, Ulrich | Weiler, Hans N. | Witte, Johanna
2004LABEL: Bachelor Program | Master Program
ORGANIZATIONS: CHE - Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung | Stanford University
PEOPLE: Moses, Ingrid | Schreiterer, Ulrich | Scott, Peter | Witte, Johanna
PLACES: Anglo-Saxon - Angelsachse | Australia | UK - Unites Kingdom | USA
THE ANTI-ANTI-AMERICANS. A summer of obsessions in France. - SUMMER IN PARIS

THEMES: Gopnik, Adam | Americans
PEOPLE: Gopnik, Adam | *Americans | *Frenchmen
THINGS: Obsession
TIME: 2003 | Summer
The Big Stick Imperiale Strategie und globaler Militarismus – Die USA als Megamacht?

THEMES: Biermann, Werner | Klönne, Arno
2003PEOPLE: Biermann, Werner | Bush, Georg W. | Klönne, Arno
PLACES: Afghanistan | Afrika | China | Naher Osten | Nordkorea | Pakistan | Südamerika | USA
THINGS: Imperium | Krieg | Militärpotenzial | Weltmacht
ACM SIGSOFT 2002 - Tenth International Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE-10). November 18-22, 2002. Charleston, South Carolina, USA

2002LABEL: Workflow
PEOPLE: Schaefer, Wilhelm
PLACES: Charleston | SouthCarolina | South Carolina | USA
TIME: 2002
.NET versus J2EE Web Services - A Comparison of Approaches

THEMES: Hanson, J. Jeffrey | J2EE | .NET
2002LABEL: IBM WebServices | J2EE | XML | .NET
PLACES: Chicago | USA
THINGS: comparison | Web
TIME: 2002
K-Discovery: Identification of Distributed Knowledge Structures in a Process-oriented Groupware Environment

THEMES: Smolnik, Stefan\...\Conference Pub... | Nastansky, Ludwig\...\Knowledge Mana... | Nastansky, Ludwig\...\Process Manage...
META STRUCTURES: CH\...\GCC | GCC Activities\...\Publications | LN\Papers | Projects\...\Conference Pub... | Projects\...\Conference Pub... | SS\Highlights | SS\...\Publications | SS\Publications
2001KNOWLEDGE OBJECT TYPES: Paper\Published Article\e.g. articles, working papers student papers, flyers, reports, statutes\paper which was published in a magazine or book
LABEL: Knowledge Management
ORGANIZATIONS: GCC - Groupware Competence Center
PEOPLE: Smolnik, Stefan
PLACES: Alexandria | Paderborn | USA | VA
THINGS: K-Discovery | Semantic Networks | Topic Maps
TIME: 2001
Knowledge Management

THEMES: Smolnik, Stefan\...\Conference Att... | Knowledge Technologies
META STRUCTURES: GCC Activities\...\Attended Works... | Projects\...\Conference Att... | SS\Conference Att...
2001KNOWLEDGE OBJECT TYPES: Conference\General Information\e.g. invitations to conferences, call for papers (CfP), handouts, GCC participation\call for papers, invitations and general conference information e. g. date, place, content
LABEL: Knowledge Management
ORGANIZATIONS: GCC - Groupware Competence Center | IDEAlliance
PEOPLE: Smolnik, Stefan
PLACES: Alexandria | Paderborn | USA | VA
THINGS: Conference | K-Discovery | Semantic Networks | Topic Maps
TIME: 2001
Taxonomies put Content in Context

THEMES: Letson, Russell
META STRUCTURES: SS\...\Identifikation...
2001LABEL: Taxonomy
PLACES: Manhasset | NY | USA
TIME: 2001
Text analysis and knowledge mining system

THEMES: Nasukawa, Tetsuya | Nagano, Tohru
2001PLACES: NewYork | USA
TIME: 2001
Knowledge Management and Virtual Organizations

THEMES: Malhotra, Yogesh
2000PLACES: Hershey, PA USA | USA
TIME: 2000
Managing Web-Enabled Technologies in Organisations: A Global Perspective

THEMES: Khosrowpour, Mehdi
TIME: 2000
Measuring Information Technology Investment Payoff : Contenporary Approaches

THEMES: Szewczak, Edward J.
2000LABEL: Agent | Knowledge Management | Wissensmanagement
THINGS: Knowledge Map | Verschlagwortung | Wissensintrumente | Wissenslandkarte
TIME: 2000
Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges

THEMES: Aggarwal, Anil
2000PLACES: Hershey, PA USA | USA
TIME: 2000
Measuring Information Technology Investment Payoff: Contemporary Approaches

THEMES: Mahmood, Mo Adam | Szewczak, Edward J.
1999PLACES: Hershey, PA USA | USA
TIME: 1999
Topic Maps: Introduction and Allegro

THEMES: Rath, Hans Holger | Pepper, Steve
META STRUCTURES: SS\...\Das GTMS | SS\...\Einleitung | SS\...\Identifikation... | SS\...\Technische Dok...
1999LABEL: Taxonomy
PLACES: Philadelphia | Philadelphia, USA | USA
TIME: 1999
XML and Java - Developing Web Applications

THEMES: Maruyama, Hiroshi | Tamura, Kent | Uramoto, Naohiko
1999PLACES: Massachussetts | Reading | USA
TIME: 1999
Nurturing Community through Collaboration - Effective use of Discussion Databases

THEMES: Ogdin, Carol Anne
1998LABEL: Bulletin Board | Discussion Database | Forum
PLACES: CA | Placerville | USA
TIME: 1998
Collaborative Technologies & Organizational Learning

THEMES: Neilson, Robert
1997PLACES: Hershey, PA USA | USA
TIME: 1997