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YEAR: 2004
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South Korea

Asian Studies & European Studies in Business and Economics
ISAP, University Paderborn

    Asian Studies in Business and Economics is a Major in the Master-Programs of the Master in International
    Economics or the Master in International Business Studies. In this Major the student is supposed to study economic and business courses at an Asian University. The workload of one semester (30 ECTS credits) is defined by a number of Asian related courses. The students are also supposed to obtain language and cultural abilities in order to be able to handle every day situations in the Asian culture and environment. Intercultural and language abilities are therefore a substantial part of the competences.

Prof. Dr. Peter F.E. Sloane, Dean
This ISAP program will start in WinterSemester 2005/2006.
Application Procedure

      • Students should submit the following when applying for the Asian Studies - ISAP program:
        1. CV
        2. Description of your motivation and goal
        3. Transcript of records
      • Study Duration: Winter Term 2005/2006
      • Application Deadline: March 15, 2005
      • Submit the documents to: The Dean’s office, C2.335, Dekanat,
      FAK WIWI
      • Decision will be made: April 15

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