TICE: TICE 2008 – International Symposium - 27-29 October 2008 – PARIS, France

Presentation of the conference: To carry on the ICTT conferences organized by INSA in Rouen in 1998, Troyes University of Technology in 2000, INSA in Lyons in 2002, Compiègne University of Technology in 2004 and the Institut National Polytechnique in Toulouse in 2006, Institut TELECOM will organize...

YEAR: 2008
PERM. URL: http://gcc.upb.de/K-Pool/TICE-2008
Conference program

This event shall entail:
- A scientific conference presenting research into information
technologies, their development and their usages for teaching
and training in higher education and businesses. The scientific
conference papers focus on particular aspects of the issues
tackled while remaining closely related to the general theme as
explained below.
- A conference on "feedback" intended to review the current
real usages of ICTs in higher education and professional
training. Papers concern the achievements, experiences,
projects and systems set up (i.e. already benefiting learners) to
gain a better understanding of their creation, implementation,
operation and stakeholders.
- Thematic round tables for companies to provide a platform
for exchanges with the ICTT community on training-specific
ICT issues.
- An exhibition / demonstration space for the presentation of
solutions, systems, training courses, finished or trial products.