Nastansky, Ludwig; GCC Team: Prof. Dr. Ludwig Nastansky: Bio & Bibliography, University of Paderborn, Groupware Competence Center (GCC), Paderborn 2016.

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YEAR: 2016

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Dr. Ludwig Nastansky
Professor of Business Information Systems
Prof. Dr. Ludwig Nastansky is one of the first "Groupware" users, architects, developers, solution designers, and consultants in Europe starting with the IBM/Lotus-Notes-Rel.-1 collaboration software framework back in 1990. He is Professor emer. of Business Information Systems at the University of Paderborn, Germany, and Prof. of Business Information Systems at the Chinese-German College (CDHK) of Tongji University (Shanghai, China). He has founded several companies centering on services and products which focus on people and team aspects in collaboration and process management of modern enterprise solutions. He has founded Pavosoft GmbH in 1990, one of the first companies focussing on e-Collaboration services. After Pavosoft was acquired by Lotus Development Corporation (Cambridge/USA) in 1992 he founded Pavone AG (Paderborn) in 1994. He was Chairman of Pavone's supervisory board until 2012. He is Vice-Chairman of the supervisory board of Accent GmbH & Co. KG a.A. (Salzkotten, Germany) since 1996. His international engagements in teaching, research, publications, software development, consulting, and conference presentations concentrate on technologies for creation of collaborative environments and workplaces; e.g.: human workflow within business process management, integrated process and project control in collaborative solutions and social business, people driven activity and knowledge management applications, document and mail management, paperless office, mobile computing, and e-learning. Current working areas include machine learning and deep learning. In 2008 he was awarded the "IBM Faculty Award". In 2013/2014 he spent the academic year on a long term project assignment in Tianjin, China. In his free time Prof. Nastansky is pursuing gym activities & running, playing with Lua scripting & Torch SDKs, enjoying photography, and traveling together with his wife.
Dr. Ludwig Nastansky
Prof. emer. of Business Information Systems / Universitätsprofessor für Wirtschaftsinformatik, emer.
University of Paderborn / Universität Paderborn

Faculty of Business Administration and Economics / Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Groupware Competence Center (GCC)
Warburger Straße 100
33098 Paderborn - Germany
Website/Blog gcc1 1992+ / gcc2 2013+
1966: Dipl.-Kfm - MBA / Mainz and Saarbruecken
1972: Dr. rer.oec. - Ph.D. U of Saarbruecken
Academic Positions
1972 -1973, 1974, 1982: Misc. Visiting Professorships, Département d'Informatique, Université de Montréal, Canada
1973 -1974: Assistant Professor, U of Saarbruecken
1974 -1984: Chair of Business Management & Operations Research, U of Paderborn
1985 -1991: Chair of Business Computing at Dept. of Business Information Systems, U of St. Gallen, Switzerland
1991 - 2009: Chair of Business Information Systems, Dept. of Business Administration / Wirtschaftsinformatik,
..................... Fac. of Business Administration and Economics / Fak. für Wirtschaftswissenschaften, U of Paderborn
2009 -..........Prof. emeritus, U of Paderborn
2005 -..........Prof. of Business Information Systems, Chinese-German College (CDHK), Tongji University, Shanghai, China
1975 -1977: Dean, Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, U of Paderborn
1985 -1987: Chairman, Scientific Committee of Business Information Systems ( WK WI),
....................Section of German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB)
1985 -1990: Member of the Swiss Federal Committee of Information Technology in Higher Education (CICUS), Bern
1985 -1991: Managing Chairman of IS-Services at U of St. Gallen
1988 -1991: Co-founder and Director of the Institute of Information Management (IWI), U of St. Gallen
1995 -1997: Dean, Faculty of Bus. Administration, Bus. Information Systems, International Bus. Studies & Economics, U of Paderborn
1995 -..........Director of Groupware Competence Center, U of Paderborn
1998 - 2004: Managing Director of Intranet-Services, Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, U of Paderborn
2001 - 2007: Member of Executive Board / Vorstand, German Academic Association for Bus. Research (VHB), Vice President 2002/4
1990 -1992: Pavosoft Information Management GmbH, Co-founder and Director R&D, acquired by Lotus Development Corp. in 1992
1993 -1997: Peacock Computer AG, Member of the Supervisory Board
2004 - 2009: Vice Dean IT-Services, Fak. WiWi, U of Paderborn
1994 - 2012: Pavone AG, Co-founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board
2009 - 2011: Steering Committee OpenNTF.ORG Alliance - The Open Source Community for Collaboration Solutions
2002 -.......... Accent, Vice Chairman of Supervisory Board
Verband der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft / VHB - German Academic Association for Business Research
Tönissteiner Group / Association of internationally Experienced German Leaders in Science, Business ans Politics
DNUG - The Enterprise Collaboration Professionals, Co-founder and Honorary Member