Nastansky, Ludwig; Mail: Mail Management ... is not just compressing of attachments and disk quota., GCC, Paderborn 2004.

0. Scenario: E-Mail in the Trap of it's own Sucess ... especially Interesting as Lotus Notes/Domino Story - 1. Challenges on e-Mail Productivity - Fight Mail-Overload with Infrastructure for Sharing - Benefits of Groupware based sharing of Data, Information, Knowledge - What IT-Analysts, Consulting...

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YEAR: 2004

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Mail Management
Information & knowledge management, collaboration, e-documents & more
  • 0 Scenario
    E-Mail Success Trap
  • 1 Challenges on e-Mail Productivity
    How to Fight Overload
  • 2 Lotus Software Approaches
    Contextual Collaboration
  • 3 What do? Our Approach: PCS Model
    Architecture & Functions
  • 4 Discussion - Q&A
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0. Scenario

    • Success, success: communication with e-mail ended up in the trap of it's own success
      ... between addiction and rejection
    E-Mail has been very successful - all too successful for some people

    • Example: mail-management has been #1 IT-topic for ...
    Australia's First Bank Database 'GCC-TR Transakt. & Projekt', View '05.01 Berichte - Gliederung', Document 'Dowtown Sydney'
    • The real issue: do not misuse e-mail for collaboration
    E-Mail has been very successful - but it lacks context mechanisms
    • the big picture: e-mail needs new thinking - what about meta-mail
    E-Mail has been very successful - but it lacks flexible attention tool mechanisms