I-KNOW: 3rd International Conference on Knowledge Management (I-KNOW '03) - July 2-4 2003 - Graz, Graz 2003.

YEAR: 2003
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LABEL: Knowledge Management | Visualization
PEOPLE: Maurer, Hermann
TIME: 2003
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I-KNOW '03

3rd International Conference on Knowledge Management
Graz (Austria) - Europe's Cultural Capital 2003

July 2-4 2003


Objectives and Background

It is widely recognized that the transition to an information society
and a global knowledge economy will be the most important social and
economic changes of the next decade. The global knowledge economy with
an extremely high innovation speed and an increasing number of knowledge
intensive products and services calls for new management tools and
methods. Therefore, efficient management of knowledge has become
imperative for almost all types of organizations.

"Industry meets Science" is the motto of I-KNOW '03. Our objective is to
increase the synergies in knowledge management between academics and
practitioners. To achieve this objective we will design a well-balanced
program consisting of scientific and industry presentations.

As knowledge management has much to do with communication and networking
we want to provide plenty of room to foster the knowledge transfer among
the attendees of I-KNOW '03: Three conference workshops and one tutorial
will serve as platforms for in-depth discussions and networking with
experts in selected fields of knowledge management.

The I-KNOW '03 is the third conference of a series of an international
conference on knowledge management organized by the Know-Center,
Austrias first applied research institute for knowledge management. We
managed to attract 150 participants in 2001 and more than 230
participants in

Those who will attend I-KNOW '03 should plan to stay a few additional
days in
Graz: In 2003, Graz will be the to the Cultural Capital of Europe
http://www.graz03.at) offering many cultural events throughout the
entire year.

Focus, Topics and Workshops

The I-KNOW '03 invites the submission of papers from academic, public
and industrial/commercial sectors. The main focus of the conference is
on applied research in the field of knowledge management with a strong
focus on information technologies.

Typically, technical contributions deal with open questions in specific
fields related to knowledge management. Topics may include but are not
limited to:

-       Content-based multimedia indexing and retrieval
-       Frameworks for knowledge portals
-       Personalization
-       Business Intelligence
-       Management of distributed knowledge
-       Semantic web infrastructures and ontologies
-       Process-oriented knowledge management

Best practice contributions report on experiences en-countered in
knowledge management projects. Topics may include but are not limited

-       (Online) Communities of Practice
-       Knowledge management in decision making
-       Knowledge management in business process management
-       Organizational learning
-       Virtual knowledge environments

Three conference workshops and one tutorial will supplement the program
of I-KNOW '03. Special Calls for Papers are available on the conference
website for each of the workshops and the tutorial.

Further conference and workshop information
I-KNOW Conference

Workshop 1: Virtual Communities of Practice

Workshop 2: Knowledge and Information Visualisation

Workshop 3: Skills Management

Tutorial: eLearning

Submission Deadlines and Authors guidelines
January 27, 2003: Abstract (4 pages)
March 17, 2003: Notification of acceptance
April 28, 2003: Full paper (10 pages)

Accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings published by
the Know-Center in cooperation with Springer Pub&Co. Selected papers
will also appear in the Springer Journal J.UCS (

Conference Submissions
By email attachment to: iknow03@know-center.at
File types: Word for Windows and PDF.

Further information
By email to iknow03@know-center.at.

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