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Lotus Agenda

THEMES: Sinclair, Ian
2001PLACES: Edinburgh | Oxford
TIME: 2001
Lotus Discovery Server 1.1 ohne Portal K-station

THEMES: Weber, Volker
2001PLACES: Hannover
TIME: 2001
Lotus Domino und Portale

THEMES: Bruse, Thomas | Hahnl, Olaf\Articles | G8 Project\Articles
META STRUCTURES: G8-Portal | OH\...\Publications
2001LABEL: Lotus Domino | Portal
ORGANIZATIONS: Universit├Ąt Paderborn - University of Paderborn
PEOPLE: Bruse, Thomas | Hahnl, Olaf
PLACES: Paderborn
TIME: 2001
Lotus Domino/Notes 5.05 vs. MS-Exchange 2000

THEMES: Lotus\Notes/Domino M... | Microsoft\Exchange
META STRUCTURES: GCC-K-Objects\Lotus-Notes-Do...
2001TIME: 2001
Lotus Global Government Forum: E-Government in Action

THEMES: Lotus\e-Government | e-Government
2001LABEL: e-Government
PEOPLE: Powell, Colin | Zollar, Al
TIME: 2001
Lotus Partner Program Updates - Partnerworld - PWSW

THEMES: IBM\Partnerworld
2001ORGANIZATIONS: IBM | Lotus Business Partner
PLACES: Staines
THINGS: Business Development
TIME: 2001
Lotus Products

2001PLACES: Paderborn
TIME: 2001
Lotus Workflow

2001PLACES: Paderborn
TIME: 2001
Lotusphere - Product Showcase Directory - in the know Walt Disney World resort Florida, USA January 14-18

THEMES: Lotus\Lotusphere_200...
2001PLACES: Cambridge, MA USA
TIME: 2001
Lotusphere 2001 Orlando - In the Know - Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, USA January 14-18

THEMES: Lotus\Lotusphere_200...
META STRUCTURES: GCC Activities\...\Attended Works... | LN\Conference Att... | Projects\...\Conference Att... | Projects\...\Conference Att...
2001LABEL: Lotusphere
ORGANIZATIONS: GCC - Groupware Competence Center | Lotus
PEOPLE: Nastansky, Ludwig | Wang-Nastansky, Pei
PLACES: Cambridge, MA USA | Orlando
THINGS: Conference | LOG
TIME: 2001
Lotus/IBM KM-products: K-station & Discovery Server

THEMES: Lotus\Knowledge Mana...
2001LABEL: Knowledge Management
PLACES: La Hulpe
THINGS: Discovery Server | K-Station | KM
TIME: 2001
Lotus/IBM Partner Program - Miscellaneous Infos

THEMES: IBM\Partnerworld
2001PLACES: Staines
TIME: 2001