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A Discipline Divided: Globalization and Parochialism in Information Systems Research

THEMES: Galliers, Robert D. | Meadows, Maureen
2003KNOWLEDGE OBJECT TYPES: Paper\Published Article\e.g. articles, working papers student papers, flyers, reports, statutes\paper which was published in a magazine or book
LABEL: Information Management | Information Systems
PEOPLE: D. Galliers, Robert | Meadows, Maureen
PLACES: Atlanta, Georgia
THINGS: citation analysis | communication and diffusion of research findings | globalization
TIME: 2003
Wirtschaftsinformatik interkulturell - Ein praxisorientierter Wirkungskreislauf

THEMES: Pulst, Edda
2003LABEL: Lotus Notes/Domino | Lotus Sametime | Satellite Communication
PEOPLE: Finkbeiner, Teja | Pulst, Edda
PLACES: Developing Countries | Himalaya | Iran | Nepal
THINGS: Digital Bridges | Globalization
Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Information Systems

THEMES: Galliers, Robert D. | Carlsson, Sven | Loebbecke, Claudia | Murphy, Ciaran | Hansen, Hans Robert | O'Callaghan, Ramon
1997LABEL: Business Process Engineering | Groupware | WAGS | Workflow
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Distributed systems | Electronic Commerce | Globalization | Interorganisationale Beziehungen | Virtuelle Unternehmen | WWW | Zwischenbetriebliche Integration
TIME: 1997
A Framework for the Design of the Emerging Global Organizational Structure

THEMES: Eccles, Robert G. | Nolan, Richard L.
PLACES: Boston
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Globalization | Networking
TIME: 1993
Globalization, Technology and Competition - The Fusion of Computer and Telecommunications in the 1990s

THEMES: Bradley, Stephen P. | Hausmann, Jerry A. | Nolan, Richard L.
1993PLACES: Boston
THINGS: Globalization | Global information systems
TIME: 1993
On the Design of Global Information Systems

THEMES: Konsynski, Benn R. | Karimi, Jahangir
1993PLACES: Boston
THINGS: Diplom DD | Globalization | IOS
TIME: 1993
Synchronizing information and establishing communications to compete in a global economy

THEMES: Ashton, Alan
THINGS: Globalization | Office Communication & Work
TIME: 1994
How will Information Technology Reshape Organizations? - Computers as Coordination Technology

THEMES: Malone, Thomas W. | Rockart, John F.
PLACES: Boston
THINGS: Coordination Science | Dissertation GR | Globalization
TIME: 1993
Seven technologies to watch in globalization

THEMES: Hald, Alan | Konsynski, Benn R.
PLACES: Boston
THINGS: Globalization
TIME: 1993
The role of IT networking in sustaining competitive advantage

THEMES: Bradley, Stephen P.
LABEL: Information Technology - IT | WAGS
PLACES: Boston
THINGS: Globalization | Global information systems
TIME: 1993
Technology development in the multinational firm: a framework for planning and strategy

THEMES: Contractor, Frank J. | Narayan, V.K.
LABEL: Information & Communication Systems I&K
THINGS: Globalization
TIME: 1990
Managing Across Borders

THEMES: Bartlett, Christopher A. | Ghoshal, Sumantra
LABEL: Business Process Engineering
PLACES: Boston
THINGS: Globalization | Networking | Virtuelle Unternehmen
TIME: 1989
Creating the 21st Century Organization

THEMES: Nolan, Richard L. | Pollock, Alex J. | Ware, James P.
THINGS: Globalization | Networking
TIME: 1988