IBM/Lotus: Protect and enrich your Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino investments within a collaborative platform to drive productivity - Strategy White Paper, IBM Corporation, Armonk 2005.

For two decades, IBM Lotus® software innovations have changed the way individuals, teams and communities work together to achieve a common goal. Through IBM Lotus Notes® software technology, it is possible to maximize the collaborative process, energize human interaction, enhance organizational pro...

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YEAR: 2005

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Table of Contents
2 Introduction: The transformation of collaboration
4 The growth of a brand
7 The evolution of Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino in the IBM Workplace strategy
9 Lotus Notes and Domino 7: Think outside the in-box
15 Looking forward to “Hannover” and beyond
17 Expand the scope of collaboration using Lotus Domino extended products
23 Plan strategically to get the most from your IBM collaborative software solutions
34 Summary