Nastansky, Ludwig; Wang-Nastansky, Pei: Seminar 010510 ISG Université de Tunis (Tunisia): Everything about e-Learning seems to be wrong so far, the Knowledge Society is different, Groupware Competence Center, University of Paderborn, Tunis 2001.

THEMES: Nastansky, Ludwig\...\2001 | Wang-Nastansky, Pei\Presentations
YEAR: 2001
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LABEL: e-Learning | Groupware
ORGANIZATIONS: ISG Université des Tunis
PEOPLE: Drira, Mohamed
TIME: 2001

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Prof. Dr. Ludwig Nastansky
Pei Wang-Nastansky, M.Sc.
Business Computing - Wirtschaftsinformatik

Everything about e-Learning seems to be wrong so far ...

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... the Knowledge Society is different !

Experiences, concepts, models, and technologies for e-learning

United Kingdom
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Université de Tunis, May 10th 2001