Kapor, Mitch; Groove: Software Pioneer Quits Board of Groove, New York Times, New York 2003.

THEMES: Kapor, Mitch | Groove
YEAR: 2003
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ORGANIZATIONS: CIA | EFF | Electronic Frontier Foundation | Groove Networks
THINGS: Board | Protest | Resignation
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March 11, 2003

Software Pioneer Quits Board of Groove

March 11, 2003

Mitchell Kapor, who resigned from the board of his software company, Groove Networks (Kim Kulish)

SAN FRANCISCO, March 10 - Mitchell D. Kapor, a personal
computer industry software pioneer and a civil liberties
activist, has resigned from the board of Groove Networks
after learning that the company's software was being used

by the Pentagon as part of its development of a domestic
surveillance system.


"Computer scientists are going to have the same kinds of
battles that physicists did amidst the fallout of Hiroshima
and Nagasaki," said Michael Schrage, a senior adviser to
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Security Studies