ADMIN 2003; Carter, Chip: WS16: Tivoli Analyzer for Lotus Domino 6.0, H&T Verlagsgesellschaft - Groupware Magazin, München 2003.

Presentation ADMIN 2003

THEMES: ADMIN 2003\Workshops | Carter, Chip
YEAR: 2003
Carter, Chip
Chip Carter has been a developer/architect/manager in the Domino Administration area for over seven years at Lotus-IBM. During that time he also served as Manager of the Domino Server Team. Chip architected the first Windows NT integration solutions for Domino, and went on to design and build the new user registration and Domino Upgrade Services (DUS)
frameworks for mail and directory migration in Domino 5 and 6. He co-architected Domino 6.0 Policy-Based Management and is currently managing the Domino Administration Team. He tries to write a little code in his infinite spare time.