I-KNOW: 3rd International Conference on Knowledge Management (I-KNOW '03) - July 2-4 2003 - Graz, Graz 2003.

YEAR: 2003
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LABEL: Knowledge Management | Visualization
PEOPLE: Maurer, Hermann
TIME: 2003
KIV 2003 - K Visualization
 I-KNOW '03 Workshop on Knowledge and Information Visualisation 2003 (KIV 2003)

July 2, 2003, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Call for Participation

Introduction | Submission Categories | Target Group | Submission Instructions | Submission Procedure | Publication Procedure | Important Dates | PDF Suggestions
      The I-KNOW '03 Workshop on Knowledge and Information Visualization addresses the emerging field of knowledge and information visualization, involving the visual presentation of and interaction with abstract knowledge and information spaces and structures to facilitate their rapid assimilation and understanding. Original papers are solicited in all areas of knowledge and information visualization. Topics include:
    • Visualisation of text corpora
    • Visualisation of multimedia corpora
    • Visualisation of abstract knowledge and information structures
    • Visualization of complex knowledge spaces
    • Visualisation of search results
    • Human computer interfaces for knowledge and information visualisation
    • Interactive browsing and navigation
    • Empirical studies of knowledge and information visualisation techniques
    • Visualisation and perception
    • Visualisation of web information systems
    • Mapping of knowledge structures
    • Data structures and models underlying visualisation
    • Adaptive visualisation metaphors
    • Visual data mining
      Submissions might address application areas such as decision support, e-learning, CSCW, healthcare, mobile computing, virtual environments, or bioinformatics.

      Target Group
      The topics mentioned above are addressed at researchers and developers as well as at practitioners and providers in the fields of knowledge management, computer supported cooperative working and learning, business process improvement, etc.
      The workshop will be held in English.

      Submission Categories
      Papers: January 27 , 2003

      Papers should be at most 6 printed pages. Papers present previously unpublished, original results. The submitted papers of the participants will be published within the J.UCS conference proceedings of the I-Know ’03 Conference. Papers submitted may, at the discretion of the program co-chairs, be invited for publication as extended papers (20 pages) in a "special issue" of J.UCS (http://www.jucs.org/) to appear after the conference.

      Posters: January 27, 2003

      Authors must submit a 2 page extended abstract. All authors are required to bring an explanatory hardcopy poster for display during the scheduled evening poster session, and be available for discussion at that time. Abstracts will be presented on the web.

      We encourage submissions of original unpublished work and submissions showcasing systems of interest to the knowledge and information visualization community that have been presented in other venues.

      Submission Instructions

      Please prepare your submission according to the J.UCS Author Guidelines.

      All submissions, regardless of category, should include title, author(s), abstract, keywords, body, and references. Authors are encouraged to include full color illustrations. Submissions longer than the page limits will not be considered.

      All submissions are to be made electronically in PDF (Adobe's Portable Document Format)

      Submissions are treated as confidential communications during the review process, so submission does not constitute public disclosure of any ideas therein. Submissions should contain no information or materials that will be proprietary or confidential at the time of publication, and should cite no publications that are proprietary or confidential at the time of publication.
      Submission Procedure

      Submit your papers or two-page extended abstract via e-mail attachment to kiv@know-center.at

      Important Dates

    • January 27, 2003 - Papers (6 pages) and posters (2 pages abstract)
    • March 17, 2003 - Notification of acceptance
    • April 28, 2003 - Camera ready paper
    • KIV 2003 starts Wed 02 Jul 2003

      Accepted papers will be published within the J.UCS conference proceedings of the I-Know ’03 Conference.
      Selected Papers will be invited within a "special issue" of J.UCS after the conference.
      Extended abstracts of accepted posters will be distributed on the web.

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