Lotus; Ellen, Mary; Myers, Andy: ID305 IBM Workplace Security: Overview, Architecture, and Roadmap, IBM Software Group, Orlando 2005.

There's been a lot of growth in Lotus Workplace over the last year, and our security architecture has grown right along with it. We'll give you the overview of security across the Lotus Workplace family, how it hangs together and integrates with platform security features, and a glimpse of where we...

THEMES: Lotus\...\5 Presentation... | Ellen, Mary | Myers, Andy
META STRUCTURES: Conference\...\01_Lotusphere_... | HP\...\Planned Session
YEAR: 2005
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HIDEWHEN: GCC-MediumAccess
LABEL: IBM Workplace | Lotusphere
PEOPLE: Andy, Myers | Mary Ellen, Zurko
THINGS: IBM Workplace
TIME: 2005