Wang-Nastansky, Pei: Everything about e-Learning seems to be wrong so far, the Knowledge Society is different, Groupware Competence Center, University of Paderborn 2001.

THEMES: Wang-Nastansky, Pei\Presentations
YEAR: 2001

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The e-Learning Challenge
Experiences, concepts, technologies
  • 0 Scenario
  • 1 <Knowledge Society>
  • 2 Value goes virtual
  • 3 Learning Institutions
  • 4 Learning models
  • 5 Technology ! ?
  • 6 Learning is Process
  • 7 What they do
  • 8 What should be in e-learning platforms?
  • 9 <Profit> in e-education?
  • 10 Start, now!
  • 11 Conclusion

      1. The World is Changing Fast: The Future is the <Knowledge Society>
        - the incredible challenges for enterprises and the public-sector
      2. The Value Revolution: Please less Physical Products and more <Knowledge Objects>
        - some statistics about big business, value oddities and investor opinions
      3. Learning, Teaching, and Training Institutions
        - Corporate Universities, Commercial Universities - or better the Public Sector?
      4. Learning, Teaching, and Training Models
        - re-thinking from scratch is absolutely essential - fortunately
      5. Everything is about Technology, but Technology is not everything
        - having the right e-learning software solution approach is essential, but not sufficient
      6. Learning is Process - so posting Learning Material on the Web does not help
        - how do the virtual school buildings in the I*nets really look like?
      7. Here is what they do
        - some examples about web-based on-line learning projects
      8. Here is what we would like to have included in our e-Learning Platforms
        - some high-tech ideas out of the laboratories
      9. The nasty <Profit> Word in e-Education
        - some thinking about ways to motivate learners, teachers, and educational institutions
      10. We have to start, now
        - some suggestions to overcome the deadlock between the big-bang approach and incremental fumbling
      11. Conclusion
      The presentation will be done with multimedia support out of the presenters' virtual e-training and e-learning environments.