Lotusphere 2006 - Opening General Session Webcast, IBM Software Group, Orlando 2006.

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YEAR: 2006
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LABEL: Lotusphere | Lotus Notes/Domino | Lotus Sametime | Lotus Workplace
PLACES: Orlando
TIME: 2006

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Lotusphere 2006 Opening General Session

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As you have come to expect at the Lotusphere opening general session, the Lotus software senior management team, led by Michael Rhodin, General Manager, will reveal how technology innovation is most relevant when it complements basic human propensities. The newest stage in the evolution of business value is defined in terms of its characteristics, no specific technologies. The emergence of this stage was driven by the community of people who had an early appreciation of the value of collaboration. The same early adapters (and adopters) are positioned to reap even more business advantage as the technologies they have invested in are extended and as new approaches incorporate the existing capabilities.

Presented by: Michael Rhodin, WPLC General Manager, Workplace, Portal, and Collaboration Software, IBM Software Group;
Ken Bisconti, WPLC Vice President, Workplace, Portal, and Collaboration Products, IBM Software Group;
Craig Hayman, WPLC Vice President, Development and Technical Support, IBM Software Group;
Alistair Rennie, WPLC Vice President, Software Services, IBM Software Group
 23 Jan 2006 | 2hr 18 mins  video
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