09.1 Exploring IBM Lotus Symphony, IBM China Development Laboratories, Beijing

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Date: 04/01/2009 - 10:35 AM
Author: Helen Dai, Eric Otchet
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Exploring IBM Lotus Symphony
Helen Dai, Eric Otchet / 22.01.2008 17:15:00

IBM Lotus Symphony is a set of rich document editors based on the Open Document Format standard available for no charge from the Symphony website -- and included in the IBM Lotus Notes 8 client. You'll learn about the strategy behind Lotus Symphony and how that extends to the Lotus Notes 8 customers, making them a viable alternative to more commonly used office applications. This session will explore the capabilities, roadmap and new features of the word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editors. You'll learn more about their benefits and get a live demonstration of these powerful editors, including new plugin application support.


ID104: Exploring IBM Lotus Symphony

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