ADMIN 2003; Carter, Chip: WS16: Tivoli Analyzer for Lotus Domino 6.0, H&T Verlagsgesellschaft - Groupware Magazin, München 2003.

Presentation ADMIN 2003

THEMES: ADMIN 2003\Workshops | Carter, Chip
YEAR: 2003
Agenda / Summary
Workshop 16: (29.04.2003, 13:45 - 15:00)
Chip Carter, IBM Lotus (Iris)

"E1178 : Tivoli Analyzer for Domino"
Autonomic computing capabilities were introduced into the Domino 6.0 server in the form of Tivoli Analyzer for Lotus Domino (Server Health Monitoring and Activity Trends). This session will describe the functionality from both a feature/end-user point of view and an architectural perspective, and how elements of the architecture correspond to autonomic system components/concepts. It will also describe the practical design challenges the team faced in introducing autonomic capabilities into a product with a large, well-established customer base. Finally, the session will cover what future work is planned to advance the autonomic capabilities of the Domino server and add value for enterprise administrator